Paleo Late Night Snack Ideas

Paleo Late Night Snack Ideas


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Everyone has experienced the need for a snack late at night while watching TV or on the computer. The question is: What shall I eat? Although it might sound difficult to figure out, it is rather easy to get a Paleo snack if we have some simple ingredients at home.

Fruit and nut bars

One of the easiest ways to get a good Paleo late night snack is through fruit and nut bars. They are available in supermarket shelves and ready to be eaten on the spot. Special Paleo packages will provide the necessary nutrients without the need to worry about cooking or getting the Paleo ingredients. Of course fruit and nut bars can also be prepared at home. Almonds, pecans, pistachios, macadamia nuts and honey are some of the necessary ingredients to be used in the preparation. Having pre-made snacks available, is the best way to take care of the stomach late at night.


Fully Paleo, vegetables can be eaten in large quantities and they are one of the preferred food in the Paleo diet. Whether it is a carrot, lettuce or tomato, they can be eaten without being cooked; therefore they are an excellent alternative to a Paleo late night snack that may require cooking, or intricate preparation.


Although fruit should be eaten moderately while on a Paleo diet, a little snack does not do any harm. A small banana, kiwi, grapes, pears, apples or strawberries can be eaten without any extra ingredient. However, almond butter or honey can be added for additional flavor.


There are other snacks that can be made by mixing several ingredients like:

Fruit and nut salad:where the taste of fruit is intensified by the flavor of several types of nuts. Honey can always be added as a natural sweetener.

Meat and fruit:stuffed dates where almonds, nut butter and bacon are all combined with dates turning this combination into a mixture of flavors and healthy nutrients. Although this recipe has a cooking time of 20 to 25, it is worth every waiting minute. The stuffed dates can be cooked during dinner time and saved for later, already thinking about the late snack that will be needed.

Vegetable Mini Quiche:Eggs, meat and vegetables are the three main ingredients for the mini quiches. Very easy to prepare and with a maximum cooking time of 30 minutes, these mini quiches are terrific snacks that taste even better when they are cold. They can be cooked during lunch or dinner or even overnight. Having them available in the kitchen means being tasty Paleo late night snack ready.

There is an endless list of Paleo late night snacks available. Sometimes we just have to let our imagination wonder and combine different foods to get tasty, healthy and fully Paleo snack recipes. Like in other Paleo recipes, adding a new ingredients or replacing one with a different ingredient is the best option to get a big variety of recipes.

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