Three Tips to Throwing a Fantastic Holiday Party

Three Tips to Throwing a Fantastic Holiday Party


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More and more people are realizing the benefits of eating a menu of natural, gluten-free and preservative-free foods. Moms all over the world are joining Crossfit gyms and adapting their meal plans to incorporate more paleo meals - and are seeing tremendous benefits from it.
But the holiday season is right around the corner and sticking to a menu of healthy foods can be a trying time for anyone. Luckily, "eating paleo" doesn't have to stand in the way of you enjoying holiday parties and fellowship with family and friends. In fact, with a little planning, throwing a healthy holiday party can a piece of paleo cake.
1. Plan for paleo.
This is probably the most important step to throwing the perfect paleo bash. If you don't plan to follow your diet, it's likely you won't. So write out some some invitations and make sure you include the following information:
(If your paleo party is potluck-style, include this phrase:) Bring a paleo dish!
(If you will be providing all menu items, include this phrase:) Menu will be paleo-style!
RSVP/Contact information
If you're following a strict paleo menu, consider hosting an alcohol-free party, and be sure you make note of that in your invitation, too.
2. Plan your menu and don't be afraid to offer suggestions.
You might think that asking people to bring a paleo dish is asking a lot; it's really not. If you're familiar with the the paleo foods list, you know that paleo foods are not weird, complicated or hard-to-find. In fact, paleo foods are easy to find and in many cases easier to cook than traditional holiday party foods! Plan your menu ahead of time, and if your party will be potluck-style, don't be shy about giving your guests ideas about what to bring. Just add a little note at the bottom of the invitation about what foods will best go with the party theme/menu.
Here are a few paleo-style suggestions, which you can give to people when they ask you what they should bring:
Chicken breasts
Vegetable tray
Deviled eggs
Bean-free chili

3. Decorate, delegate and celebrate!
Some closing comments about planning your paleo-style holiday party -- remember: this party is about having a good time with your loved ones. Don't stress the small stuff. Put the majority of your holiday decorations up at least a week or so before your party and deep-clean your house no less than three days before so you only have light straightening to do the the day of. Be sure to delegate some of the housework to your spouse, kids or housemates and be sure everyone in the household knows what day and time the party will commence so that they are all ready on time, too. It will help make for a stress-free day and a fun, healthy celebration.

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